I don’t want to cancel my theme, but can recieve no help with a problem after numerous attempts to contact support. I may be missing the place where assistance is offered,but can’t find it. I copied these stats from Etsy, charting the traffic that came from my blog to my Etsy shop, As these show, there has been a steady flow of traffic coming from for a long period of time. this stat tracking the traffic from my blog to Etsy shop from Dec 2013 to Jan. 2014 was 1,340. On Jan 8th- the day the new theme was purchased, all traffic completely disappeared, a drop to 0. It has stayed so until this date.

My year total from my blog to the shop was 15.771. I feel this illustrates the fact that my blog was a constant and steady source of traffic for a long period of time. To has such a drastic change overnight is unbelievable.

I am wondering if when I purchased the theme I didn’t purchase sever options which i had no idea of what they were. Could they have been essentials and caused a problem? If so I want to purchase them. Then on Jan.8th 2014, all traffic from totally stopped and has stayed that way. This is the same date, Jan 8th, that I purchased a new theme. I don’t think this could be a coincidence. I think that with the new theme, it changed something related to my domain name. I do not understand how or what happened, but I am hoping that you do and can help me. I hope that you can look at these and be able to follow what I am saying, I know it’s hard to follow.Please inform me. I don’t want to lose this theme, but if no resolution is possible then please cancel and refund all my money. Barbara Harms.