If you are following the progress of this art quilt in the making, I’m posting photos of its progression. This is a time-lapse of photos, following this piece of fiber art take shape and become a real piece of art. A few photos along the way, it is a mixed media work, so I used some non quilty methods. I paint the fabric, paint on the picture. i use fabric paint dyes, fabric markers whatever I need to get the look I am going for. Then in this case I will cover a great deal of that with the thread painting.

Last post I showed you the outcome of layers of color to get the depth. The stylized hollyhocks hadn’t assumed their final form, they needed thread painting to give them their last few touches of texture and detail.

I’ve completed one, that’s it. Ten more to go. Thread painting is labor intensive and takes time. Here is my one hollyhock with wee bit of the stock included that fell within the area of the hoop. Now ..on to the next ten.

hollyhock quilt progress 003
Here it is at the painted stage. I made stylized flowers, very linear,

hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020

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