It is so cold you’re frozen to the bone. Where do the little birds go in this cold weather I have asked? I’m still not sure, but they need food, more so with the limited sources available. I’m aware & am diligent in keeping the feeders full. Most of my non migrating birds are happy to find a food source and easy to please.

With our cold snap came a layer of snow. A agreement has been established between myself and my front yard humming-bird, whose feeder hangs from a suction cup attached to my kitchen window. We have a reached a working relationship. All the details and duties have been established to the satisfaction of all. It is the following; I will provide food, immediately when needed. That’s the entire arrangement. It’s simple, I provide food instantly and reliably. If I fail to live up to my side of the agreement, I’m subjected to a sound humming-bird scolding.

There is no doubt in my mind when I am receiving a scolding, he makes it clear, he is directing this at me, no if ands or buts. We have more contact through the window glass than most hummers prefer, from his perspective it is tolerable as long as I keep the sugar-water coming. Still he will flit away when startled. However, he loses his shyness when provoked by violations of our agreement. Eye contact is established and he makes little angry hummer scolding sounds, while looking at me directly. I’m left in no doubt that I’d better get that feeder filled and fast!

As I mentioned in a post a while back, one day he discovered “it” was empty.  A breach of contract had occurred. He went to each hole, stuck his little beak in it, checking. “Yes” just as he had suspected ,”it” was indeed empty. Coming up empty at every hole, his displeasure increased more and more. Clearly someone had violated the agreement. We both knew who was responsible. Obviously me, because he had no obligations what so ever on his side of our agreement, except to eat. At each empty hole, he would look directly at me, so there was no mistaking his meaning, and he make angry little scolding sounds. He went entirely around the feeder, testing each hole and at each hole, he would repeat the scolding, eye contact and little angry sounds, buzzt buzzt . He let me know what he thought about this situation. It was not a happy vibe I was picking up, let me tell you that.

Now back to the present. The cold has frozen both the front and back feeders. And we all know whose fault that was. So I’ve been busy making sure those feeders are thawed and stay that way. I have not made a direct arrangement with my back dive bombing hummer, but threats have been made and the meaning is clear.

All the antics of such tiny, harmless, shy  [to humans, in any case] yet fearless birds is entertaining, humorous and add so much to the quality of our lives. Actually I think that is my hummer’s obligation to fulfill in our little understanding, although he provides it without awareness of doing so. We provide sugar-water and he provides a constant source of enjoyment and pleasure in our lives. He lives up to his end of the agreement completely.

So on that note, I am going to pretend that it’s spring or summer and share flower pictures. I have zillions of flower photos. A digital camera, an inability to delete anything and a need for inspiration photos for art quilts has lead to quite a collection, [ and they said my computer would never run out of memory, Ha!]. Most of these are from last spring’s batch.

Here is my little friend today. Barely visible, he is eating, and by golly that feeder is thawed.

hummers 004
Hard to see him, he’s eating.


A reminder that spring will be here in no time! Take heart all you who are In icy cold areas

sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 062

sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 108clematis2

sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 024

sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 010


Hydrengasprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 067
sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 035

sprinh yard 2013 2013-06-19 073

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