Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024

Portland OR. Jelly Bellied Cabin Fever Or Update

Desperate situation here in Oregon. Heavy snowstorms, Eating Jelly Bellies (the candy) to survive, limited food, and now we’re starting to get cabin fever, it’s going on 4 days . Everybody up in Portland OR and the rest of the state, holed up. We’re having a snow storm. Thank goodness for cable!

 This post was going to be a progress update on my Time Lapse Quilt [stay with me, explanation later]  I’m timing myself making this one. If you’d like to the follow the making of an art quilt and the time involved  I’m posting a series of photos in a time lapse. That was the plan, a new progress report from my last 3[?] progress posts, but then. the weather…

2/8/2014  Snow now for several days. I’m  really  cooking on thread painting those Hollyhocks for my new quilt. We’ve been snowed in.  I’ve got the time and I’ve got an unfinished art quilt to fill it.  Here’s  my latest update and a weather report. 2/8/201  Oregon, a snow storm ? What ???!!!01 This Oregon for crying out loud, rain we do rain. We're great with rain.

This is Oregon and we’re having a snow storm, two in fact, right on top of each other. What??!! In Oregon? Karen McTavish made me laugh out loud with a recent FB post about our record breaking snowstorms [one piled on top of the other] “I have 12″, you?”. Here we are and not a snow shovel to our names, how’s a broom for moving that snow? Funny comments and lively. Many made by Oregonians themselves, we have great senses of humor here in OR. No snow blowers? Maybe a leaf blower would do. Can’t remember it all, but laughed a lot. One Oregonian lady observed that we may not have snow shovels, but we have our car window ice scrapers. Yep, we’ve got our window scrapers,  yesirerre !

Karen is a Minnesotan, this weather is like a summer breeze for Minnesotans. they know snow.  We’re  Oregonians we do rain and you know what? We don’t even use umbrellas, yeah you heard me, no umbrellas! We’re Oregonians!!

In my defense, I’m  a Vegas girl, growd and raised  Las Vegan [ you’ll always be where you came from in your heart I think] and we Vegans do heat. that’s right! Bring em on, those 110 degree days. Not much rain or snow, but heat? That’s Las Vegas, To keep our brains from boiling in our heads,  We buy soda in these huge over sized plastic tubs , like Xtra large movie popcorn tubs, our “go cups”., which we suck on the entire day . If it’s a really big scorcher,  you’ll needn two. It’s hot enough to make you faint.  We Vegans have grit that’s for doggone sure. OK, there’s  AC. AC is everywhere, but there’s still that long walk from the AC house to the AC car to the to AC store, we’re tuff in Vegas.

Coming from the dry hot desert, I may have lived here a long spell, but I use an umbrella, don’t have a snow shovel, I’ve got my car window scraper handy and I know where to buy Big Gulps when the temps are rising. A word about umbrellas, myself & OR. Don’t let one single drop of rain ever fall on my skin, I worked for hours on this hair, in this humidity., and nothing is going to mess with this hair, that’s for sure. I use my umbrella, the second  a drop of rain hits me, I’ll melt. Just like the Wizard Of Oz, “help me, I’m melting…”. you know the quote, water thrown on the wicked witch who promptly melts, me too. A well kept Oregon secret, umbrellas are a dead give away of a non- Oregonian or even [gasp] a Californian? Nobody should have it that good. How are you ever going to develop any kind of character with that kind of perfect weather?

Now onto the progress report for my Time Lapse art quilt.

I decided to see how long it takes me to make an art quilt. My motive?  I’ve had a good year of functioning with little or no sleep, A lot of women have sleep issues and know all about that. Unfortunately,  I’ve lost my super powers Without them I must sleep as mere mortals do. I can’t work  making fiber art 24/7. as I did, Super powers gone, my fiber art output has taken a drastic drop… I don’t feel this is a desirable thing when it comes to having an Etsy shop. The goal of having a shop on Etsy, is to sell your work [how crass that sounds, as if you are selling sacks of potatoes. Selling your art is a strange thing. You value it, are proud of what you have created, but if your goal is sale and not showing it, that involves a commercial element ]. I find with my super powers gone, replenishing work is a lot harder than selling work.  And a full shop is better than one less full, yes?

My Time Lapse quilt idea was to spur me on and to gauge my self. How long to make one of my art quilts. I know it is a long process, but I should place an actual number on it.  And so the idea of a a timed art quilt was launched.


I have progressed from thread painting one hollyhock to 3 1/2 out of my total 10, That’s progress! Time froze with our snow storm and so I  work.  We’re snowed in, believe you me! So here’s my time lapse quilt progress.

hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 005
thread painting

They take time. Progress achieved since my last post. Hoo Ra!


hollyhock quilt progress 004
Beginning stages

<FROM HERE                                                                             TO HERE>                                   

hollyhock quilt progress /27




Several more hollyhocks completed, only 7 1/2  to go. Is that all?

hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020 Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024

Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024
A side facing one and a few buds and finish uo\p some stems, Woo Whoo

 2/8/2014- I finished 9 hollyhocks, 1 more flower and a couple of buds to thread paint and I can move right onto completing  stems

hollyhock (15) hollyhock (5)

  hollyhock (10)

hollyhock (13)

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