winter snow 2014, snow storm 008

Not that sad to see you go.

Portland Or and rest of the state can breath a sigh of relief. The storm has broken, the freezing rain has given way to regular rain melting and the roads are safe again. People are peeking out their windows and venturing out of our little rabbit holes again. Here’s a few pictures I took.

winter snow 2014, snow storm 008

The little trail around the tree was forged by my two dogs for potty breaks.The old potty trail!  Our dachshund was almost buried, into the deep snow, just a glimpse of the very top of this head and a tail showing. . Our Scottie is a bit taller but not much.  But she’s a lot stronger, you know what they say about Scotties, well maybe you don’t, but what they say is  a big dog with short legs.She has more strength and could plow throw it, she jump/plow a head almost trying to jump up over it, plowing along in the funniest way. It got so distasteful to our doxie that he tried to just have his little pee break on our patio steps, so he wouldn’t have to touch the cold snow. I had a rather loud reaction and l pushed  him off the steps before the deed was done, what do you think you’re doing? Have your lost your mind?

winter snow 2014, snow storm 017

There are our 3 cars all in a row, coveredSnow storm, snow in Oregon, winter pictures..

winter snow 2014, snow storm 015

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    1. Are you in an area that receives lots of snow? If so, How does your pooch handle it? It’s a new thing for it to be so heavy, we can get smatterings some winters, this was nothing like anything in their experience. Funny.


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