Ann Brauer’s Contemporary Quilts, Soaring Beyond Tradition


Rainbows of Summer

The quilts of Ann Brauer are instantly recognizable. Once you have seen one of her unique colorful quilts, you wouldn’t forget it. She has developed a style over the last 29 years unlike anything being done by others. It is uniquely her own.
Ann has an amazing mastery over color. She chooses   combinations in which the whole is more than the  individual parts alone. Looking at one of her finished quilts, you can’t imagine any way the colors could be  improved, Remove just one of it’s colors and it would be noticeably missed,, add one more and it would throw off the entire balance of the work.
Ann has a fresh perspective on traditional  quilting.
Ann grew up on a farm and was exposed to traditional quilting from an early age. Her mother and grandmother were quilters. Ann followed in their footsteps developing a lifetime love…

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