A Landscape Art Quilt, Laying A Foundation.

I thought I would give an update on the new landscape art quilt I posted about a few back. It is in the very wee beginnings. I’m working to lay down a rough foundation with fabric painting.It provides color which will deepen as progress is made. Additional layers create richness and depth.The detail will be fine tuned and become more pronounced as well. The most notable transformation will come during the thread painting stage.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but as it undergoes the changes and stages, before it looks will become  a “real” art quilt.

As you can notice, if you compare it to this earlier photo from the first post, a few changes have been made.There are a few more trees,a bit more detail and the color is deepening.The progress comes in stages. I like studying it a while, before I move on to the next one.


In beginning work on a new landscape art quilt, this is where I left off last go.


As you can see there has been some progress on this landscape quilt.


A closer look at the progress made on this quilt since last time


One tree, roughly laid out. This art quilt will undergo a lot of transformation.



The foreground of the quilt has a way to go, but it’s progress.


I’ll pick this up later when the thread painting is underway..