This is the photo I used as a basis for the currently unfinished art quilt

Photo Editing Programs- New Tool For Designing Art Quilts?


This is the photo I used as a basis for the currently unfinished art quilt


If you visit my blog very often, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted as frequently as I usually do. I’ve had a few things going on, so I’ll try to catch you up in the next few posts on anything that might be interesting.
My Etsy shop is looking a little depleted lately. My last sale was four quilts that will be going into Oregon’s new state hospital, I felt pretty proud to be included  in the art choices for it  So that’s a nice thing to share.
My Etsy shop is looking a little depleted lately. So what that means is I need to get busy and make quilts! That is just what I’m doing, making quilts and loving it.
I’m currently experimenting with what may prove to be a useful tool to generate a little creative inspirations.
I’ve been playing around with Photoshop using some of the special effects edits and have had a few results that I liked enough to put into my future projects folder. One that looked like an old photo negative. The colors-seem reversed. It looked like good art quilt material. So I tried it out, made one. I thought the result was interesting, I’m going to try a few-others.

BarbaraHarmsFiberArtDogwood abstract#2

Impressions Of Spring

Above Top-Here’s the art quilt, it isn’t capturing the photo effect.I found it hard to duplicate the thousands of tiny drops of colored ink that made up the photo.

Reminds me of Neo-Impressionist Seurat lots and lots of colored dots make up the picture. In this photo edited dogwoods, printed with zillions of tiny drops of-colored ink.  I’m intrigued with the idea, easy to do with paint, but thread?

Here’s another which gives a clearer view of the tiny drops of colored ink that create the image. I’m thinking about this idea, how to achieve this effect on an art quilt.


 Reminds me of Noe-Impressionist Seurat lots and lots of colored dots
Notice how many different tiny drops of color here?

2 thoughts on “Photo Editing Programs- New Tool For Designing Art Quilts?”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    I’ve been learning to use Adobe Illustrator for use in quilting. I want to use it to make a collage of our little town. You can turn an object from raster to vector object which then allows you to resize it & maintain the line quality. It also enables you to easily combine object from different pictures. I suppose one could keep a library of vectored objects, if you have favorite objects. I also use it to clean up & reprint my Zentangle drawings. It’s not an easy program, though, & I have to relearn it every time because I just don’t use it often enough. Another cool use is, once you have a line drawing for a quilt, you can try different colorations, much more easily than coloring with pencils or paint. I’m working on a water lilly pic that my husband tool. I’ll be able to use a shadow of the flower in the background, fracture it, or enlarge it in proportion to the rest of the picture. Pretty fun, huh? I wish someone taught Illustrator for Quilters.

    Your work is beautiful & inspiring – thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thanks Heidi, It sounds like you know a lot more about photo editing. I’m just dinking around with my Adobe Photoshop Elements and seeing what happens.I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator, it sounds interesting and fun.


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