Too may extra shots of espresso in your latte?

Fiber art projects that are unfinished and forgotten, a few posts back I mentioned one of these that I had resumed work on. We’ve all have some sort of project like this. You know how it goes. You start a project and one third of the way into it, you [a] get distracted by something more pressing or [b] become bored or [c] just don’t like where it’s going.

I was [a] originally distracted, something more pressing came up, but in all honesty I was also [c] leary of the florescent colors and overall busy-ness, how would this be received?

When I posted the original post, I was undecided where this was leading. Was I just having a little free motion fun? Or was I seriously considering this a legitimate quilt? Was this my guilty little pleasure, like some low brow TV show that you enjoy, but would never admit it, too corny, silly or stupid, remember the old show Hee Ha [sorry Hee Hay fans]? I can think of several TV reality shows like that. Strangely entertaining, but is watching a bunch of crazy people argue and backbite each other for a whole hour really what you would call a mentally enriching, public education sort of experience?

That brings me to this question mark of a quilt. If I finished it, would I be willing to offer it up for public viewing, without fear of  snickering and derision. Could I list it in my Etsy shop for sale and be able to hold my head high?

It is insanely bright, no exaggeration, a preschooler might find it too much. It has some of the brightest thread you will ever be likely to meet, and every square inch covered with as much busy design as any one quilt could possibly bear.

Well I’ve finished and I can loudly admit, “I like it, yessiry, I like it”, every color drenched, neon hyper drive inch of it. I think it’s fun and jazzy, And…… it’s sure to get your attention, whether you love or hate it, you’ll find it hard not to look. My guilty little pleasure is out, I love color and on occasion, hyper drive design. It’s now, obviously, been renamed with the title “Over-stimulation”. One too many quadruple extra shots of espresso in your latte, ZZZZUZZ!

BarbaraHarmsFiberArt-DreamInColorIMG_0021 that will wake you up

An art quilt
An look at the quilting on this art quilt


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