Barbara Harms Art QuiltIMG_0032

New quilts? Bring em on!!



My web site is set launch the end of the week. I love that word, launch!

I want to have lots of quilts to launch, so I’ve been working

make lots and lots of quilts. That is easier said than done. Here’s a few, in various stages of work. I hope to be finished soon.

The first one closest to completion a silk painted red egret.

The colors in this silk are just wonderful. Wish I took time to write down my color formulas but no, it’s always a little bit of this and a bit of that, maybe a bit more of this ,,,you can follow my drift.


More silk painting Barbara Harms Art Quilt

Barbara Harms Art QuiltIMG_0032
More silk painting was used to create my egret, add the details, feathers and so forth.
Red Egret Fiber Art Barbara Harms
Red Egret Fiber Art Barbara Harms
Barbara Harms Dogwoods
A smaller art quilt being thread painted
Dogwoods art quilt Barbara Harms

An experimental one. It’s  commission and is sounding fun.A Stained glass window. I’ve been experimenting with different mediums to produce the look of old glass with a hint of light behind. I have designed what I’ll use and found a technique that will replicate the look. That.s the quilts so far, I’m off,have been  siting too long.Ha!

Bye All-Barb