1. I loved your comments,especially about Amazon..I have been a customer amost from the time they started & at 89 I simply refuse to go thru anymore of this nonsense..It’s happening everywhere..To h–l with them.I’ll do my shopping at walk-ins…

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to be outraged by the inconvenience of constantly looking up passwords for everything. Some sites require you to log in several times.
      This post was written before the tragic earth quake that recently occurred in Napal. I would never make light of the suffering and pain being experienced by that entire country. I’m saddened, as I know we are, by the terrible devastation that earthquake caused.

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      1. I have come across an open letter signed by over 400 mental health professionals, counsellors, therapists etc raising issues about post election proposals to put long term unemployed through very basic psychological testing behavioural therapy, seems somewhat questionable, whilst mental health services under threat. I am working on an art work to symbolise the dilemma
        Thanks, for Info re fema
        do look up Lyndal Jones interesting perspective

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