Update, Whew. I’ve Been Keeping Busy

I’ve been working fast and furious

I’ve been focusing on several quilts. As I’m wrapping up the Stained Glass Window quilt, it occurred to me that I may not have posted photos of  the other quilts I’d finished.They are both painted silk with thread painting.Here are a few photos. Both quilts are available on my website.http://barbaraharmsfiberart.com

They are both painted silk with thread  painted,

Pink Blossoms Blue Sky

art quilt
Detailed view of the thread painting on Pink Blossoms Blue Sky

Pink Against Blue a fiber art quilt

Details of dogwood thread painting

The Red Egret art quilt 

              Here’s the other art quilt I’ve finished, the Red Egret, I began this art quilt with silk painting the                                   background. While doing that I roughly blocked in the color areas where the features of the design would later be placed. The egret was created almost exclusively with thread painting,

A pictue of the art quilt Red Egret in it’s entirity

The paints I mixed for the water I added a sprinkle of glitter to create the glints of  that are reflected off the glassy surface of the water. light makes when reflected

Red Egret fiber art quilt by Barbara Harms

               A detailed look at the thread painting that created the feathers.

Red Egret Fiber Art Barbara Harms

So there they are, a couple of the quilts I’ve finished. Next post I’ll show you the 3rd, a stained glass window quilt..  commission