Bee Whisper, “Will You Bee my minion?” “I do”


Our anniversary, relax and enjoy the monent

Our anniversary was a little quirky, definitely spontaneous. We spent the day moseying down the Oregon coast. No set plans, no deadlines. We went where ever the mood struck.

We set out after breakfast at The Otis Cafe. A funny odd little place, kitschy, offbeat and food  good enough for people to wait a half hour breakfast line.We missed the early morning crush. If you notice the sign in the picture, it says to reach the bathrooms, walk through the kitchen.


A perfect day,enjoying  the warm sun on our faces and the cool breeze blowing through our hair as we drove.

A leisurely day, We stopped here and there when we felt like it. A stop for a beautiful coast view, we had an experience not to be believed.If you look at the pictures below you will notice that my husband is petting a bee.It let him, then after a couple of minutes flew away..



Dinner at a restaurant which has unbrellia hanging all over the ceiling.

My husband loves minions.

McDonalds has toy minions in their happy meals

I thought of a mini wedding cake with a bride and groom cake topper what if I used 2 minions instead?Here’s our “Will you be my minion” cake. He laughed and lajughed. A ood aniversary,