A Friendship Quilt

There are several new projects I’ll be sharing with you. As much as I enjoy making each art quilt I do, this one has meant the most to me. The reason,  it’s a gift for a friend and that’s the best kind of quilt to make.

Kitty Cat Quilt


I just finished it. When I gave it to her, I discovered she has a collection of little antique porcelain kittens that look very much like the ones in this quilt. I was thrilled.

I think she really liked it and that was my biggest satisfaction, to see her smile. I sure did enjoy making it for her, as I worked, hoping to see that smile. 

This is the art quilt I made for a  good friend

Aren’t these the cutest kittens? They look vintage and I love the colors.
Thanks for stopping in to take a look at my kitty cat quilt.

I’ll post more as I finish them, I’m in a quilting frenzy and loving it!

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