What’s This? Am I Going Traditional?

Here’s a new quilt for a baby girl. It has a tea party theme, with hand turned applique on the teapots and cups.

I’ve made a few traditional quilts lately, a change from my usual art quilts. I’ve just been in the mood for some traditional quilting.

I did feathers around both outer  borders and other stiches. Just for fun, I quilted wisps of steam rising up from the tea cups.

More quits next post, come bye and see

This would make a  cute table topper too.

The hand turned applique tea pots and cups are in small  blue prints. set on blue and yellow fabric, covered with tiny blue teacups. It’s darling fabric.

The tea cups and pots are all hand turned applique. They rest on a center square of yellow fabric that has tiny blue tea cups over it. It is darling fabric. I did a bit of fun quilting, feathers around the borders and wisps of steam coming from the tea cups.

The white outer border fabric has lightly colored pastel teapots.

A baby girl quilt It's a tea party
You can see a glimpse of the quilting her





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