Color Melts Barbara Harms art quilt

How to manage my 24


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It Passes So Quickly

One day, for some reason, I read some my older posts. As I read, I noticed a common thread running through many.

I often seemed to be in a dither, “My shop is empty. My oh my! I need to make more quilts, More! More”. There weren’t enough hours in the day to  accomplish everything. 

It occurred to me that perhaps I was making  excuses for myself…hum, Could I benefit from an examination of my time management.

There are only 24 hours rs in any given day, no more, no less. The thing is, everyone has the same 24 hours. How do they manage? The answer is  scheduling. Planning ahead for the allotment of time they wish to devote to each activity.

So the question I have for myself is “How am I going to use my 24?”

In any case, here’s a few more quilts to show you. The first is The Red Egret. I noticed that I had never posted photos of  the finished quilt. The  other is “Color Melts”

It’s a silk painting, with the slightest amount  of thread work to add a touch of detail. It’s mounted on stretcher boards. It is quite long, 44″, making it hard to photograph the entire builtin one shot. I divided the photos into 3 sections. I included the links to my website and Etsy shop in case you might be interested in either one.

My website link

My Etsy shop my Etsy shop

Color Melts a fiber art
One of the fruits of my frenzy of  art quilting

Silk painting detail Color Melts

Color Melts B. Harms
A closer view

Red Egret

Details of his head and feathers

Color Melts-Barbara Harms
Red Egret entire art quilt