Some major mafunctions oñ my site theme have made it necessary to make a few changes around here. We’re { by saying we’re, I really mean me, a scàrey thought for sure) changing themes

i’m going to arrempr a revamp as well. Aft all,  it will already be a mess for a while anyway, right? If I can presume on your kind parience, we’ll (there’s that we’ll agatn, when it’s just little ole me), anyway it should be back to usual very soon, a few days most likely.

In the meantime, I’m adding more posts back daily, so there are still posts to see and read. Maybe you’ll even find some of the older ones interesting as they are brought up from the “cellar”. 

 You could always visit my website or face book page if you want to.

Sorry about that bit of blatant self promotion, I just had to throw that in, I couldn’t resist the temptation. 

Thank you all for your patience and support.