It looks like a site, but does it work like a site?

Painted in Waterlogue

My repair and redo labors continues on my WordPress blog. It is taking considerably longer to fix than “just the few days” I had blithely promised on the day that my blog imploded.

HA! I can’t imagine what possessed me to make such an impulsive statement, which given my computer skills was not even remotely possible. Not even with help from the blog fixer fairy, no way.

Of course part of my reaction can be chalked up to fear that anyone who lands on my blog, will leave, never to return. Maybe I was in shock, after all it was the day that my blog imploded.

The explosion occurred several days ago. I logged into WordPress in the usual way. What I found on my home page can only be be described as a word explosion. There were words, phrases, categorizes & post titles strewn about everywhere, covering the entire area where recent posts would normally appear. The huge amount of words, words. words written in minuscule script, which incidentally allowed many more words than usual, could be squeezed into that space.

What a novel approach to capture the interest of any visitors landing here. Why their curiosity alone, would provide motivation for them to return. How’s that for a strategy to increase visitors?

The Education of Barbara Harms Begins 

I started to hyperventilate, dizziness set in. “Oh NO! This was going to require serious computer skills to fix this mess!!”

Then as if that was not enough, in a moment of weakness or insanity, I added “while I’m   at it, I’d give my blog a revamp, spruce it a bit”

Still, good can come from many unpleasant situations we experience in life.

Much depends on how we choose to view them. [she said, attempting optimism.] I am going to look at this as an oppurtunity to do something that I’ve put of far too long, make an effort to learn something more about my computer, my blog and my website. I’m launching an assault on my ignorance. I’m gong to read every support article I can, even with much difficulty.

The education of Barbara Harms moves ahead. I have made a few cosmetic changes to the blog, ones I’ll likely change when I can figure a few things out. I’m just barely beginning to understand some of the basics, adding content back bit by bit. I just wanted you to know what is happening so you don’t throw up your hands in frustration & leave, never to return.

I must go to bed it’s almost 3:30 a.m, the brain function is fading fast & the hideously  misspelled words and disjointed thoughts are surfacing in real force, that’s my cue. Good  night.

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About Myself & My Approach Art has always played a role in my life, in one form or another. My family is filled with many artist's, so my love of art came naturally. By my teens, I had narrowed my focus to painting. I decided I was going to become a serious painter. I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild at 15, the youngest member at that time. I've continued to paint throughout my life. On occasion I've sold my work, but I had more important priorities, I was raising my children, part of that time as a single parent. My circumstances have changed, the kids are grown and I have more time for Art. Art is a form of therapy for me. I was introduced to quilting & fell in love. In time I missed the creative freedom painting made possible. Then I discovered mixed media fiber art, I was home. MY APPROACH TO ART It's the creative process that holds the greatest attraction for me. Starting with a tiny seed of an idea; vague and blurred around the edges, I follow where that leads. My approach is an instinctual one. Generally, I do little pre-planning. I make creative decisions, choices, directions to take as they present themselves. This approach can lead to quite a few changes in the direction the quilt takes. The outcome can come as a surprise. I love that element of surprise! Sometimes everything just comes together & I think to myself, "this is one of my better ones". when that happens, I can’t wait to show someone. I feel like a six year old, running home from school, a drawing in hand, excited to show Mom. At those times. I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat. I’ve had work published in several magazines., which is gratifying. But the most gratifying thing is having clients be really happy with their purchased art quilt. Word press Etsy shop-sales Https:// Contact: inquiry Personal Links

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