Sunshine, Warmth and Water = An Ecstasy of Color and Fragrance

Just bought pots of early spring flowers, the first to hit the stores this Oregon spring. Every winter at the  exact moment when you know you can’t take one more dark dreary day, then spring arrives at that exact moment we need it. The dark dreary days are immediately  forgotten and forgiven because  IT IS SPRING IN OREGON!! And Oregon is a mighty great place to be in the spring!!

With the prospect of all the lovely flowers to come, another thing comes to mind. Art quilts with wonderful flowers and the sights of spring, summer and even into fall.

Oregon has new gifts to delight us every season, well winter has it’s own enjoyments, but using the word delight to describe winter might be a little much. Still a crackling fire, cuddly flannel PJs [they really must be flannel PJs to appreciate the whole experience] you in your wing chair reading, while the rain pelts your windows and you feel safe and sheltered from the storm or better yet snow is falling to the ground creating a silent world that initially seems clean and new, giving the world a fresh start.That’s not too bad of an experience either.**

The world is full of life and joy. I’m already planning for flowers and sunlight in the art quilts for this season, my favorite of seasons. Here are a few older seasons.

The colors of spring and summers past.

“Everything Under the Sun” A silk painting with hours of applique and thread painting.
An Impressionist garden art qult
A silk art quilt, with wildly colored abstract flowers in this abstract garden, “Impression of a Garden”
A silk painted fiber art quilt, blue skys and pink dogwoods
“Blue and Pink” celebrating the dogwoods abloom. 
"One Peony"-Barbara Harms
An art quilt, “One Peony”.A stylized peony in soft pearly colors.
More detail
A section of the art quilt “Orange and Blue Field”
Orange and Blue Field
A detail from the art quilt “Orange and Blue Field”.


Big Sky

“Big Sky” a stylized garden fiber art wall hanging.

Barbara Harms Poppy art quilt 003 copy
“Two Red Poppies”

Had Enough?

I could go on and on.If you’d like more, see my Stylized Nature Gallery.

I also have several stylized floral silk paintings, including a few pictured here. which are currently available on my website.


++ I can blithely say that about our winters here in Oregon,because our snow and rain, doesn’t create the kind of disastrous condition’s found in may other parts of the country. You have our sympathy.