Detailed head-Red Egret Catching up 

This is a continuation of an earlier post, I’m sharing some completed art quilts with you. I included several closer looks












Red IgretRed Egret an art quilt by Barbara Harms.
Red Egret, full view. A silk painted art quilt, heavy thread painting ,,glimmers of reflected light in the water, as the sun drops lower in the sky. Effect created when the paint was being mixed.. Egret head and body created with layered thread painting.
Detail of the red features were created.


Detailed view of the water, when mixing the paint color, the additions of certain elements to the paint to create the illusion of the water sparkling  as the late afternoon light reflects off the water.


Color Melts- a watercolor like silk painting done in a dreamy impression style.Color Melts


Length 43″, mounted on stretcher boards





Color Melts a silk painted fiber art quilt.
Color Melts-entire silk painting, mounted


The  Egret was created with thread painting. Multiple layers created the dimensional head and body feathers.





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