Inspiration,When the Moon Hits Your Eye

A unique art quilt based on an unusual moon.

One evening last summer as my husband & I were looking up at the moon, it was particularly luminous that night and peeking out from behind the branches of several trees.Their dark branches formed a filigree of interesting shapes with that fantastic moon behind them. One long look & we ran for the  cameras.Shots were taken from every angle. Rapid fire, click, click, click.

My husband was thinking of capturing a great photo. I thought of that, but I was particularly doing what I call “think’n quilt”

Think’n quilt

Think’n quilt is seeing possible quilts in the world around you.Looking at what you find  particularly intriguing or exciting with the thought in the back of your mind “Am I excited by the prospect of making an art quilt inspired by this?”

Many times these attention grabbers might be a fleeting image seen from the window of my moving car, then is quickly gone. I’m training myself to pull a U-turn and double back for a closer look, even though it’s inconvenient.

When I’m able to get a better look, if I like what I see, I’ll snap a few photos.

Later when I’m able to review the photos I’ve taken, if I’m still excited by something I’ve  shot, into the inspiration file it goes.

Occassionally there’s an image which I can’t get out of my mind, I’ll continue to mentally explore possible approaches. I don’t want to squander that idea on something Ho Hum.

I find that when my quilts are based on ideas  which excite me personally, I’m enthusiastic as I work. I  can’t wait to see the results.If I love what I’m working on, I do my better work.


Possible quilt? Yes it’s in my file waiting


375 - Copy379 - Copy

A few of the photos used in making “Moon Glow”


Here’s  the quilt that came from that series of photos. “Moon Glow”.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration,When the Moon Hits Your Eye”

  1. Your “thinking quilt” is my “I see a quilt.” Since starting this blog, I have to admit, I generally see blog posts more often than quilts. It’s interesting when and how we get our inspiration.

    I generally have no idea how to turn the vision into a real quilt; I’m far too new at the game. For now, I keep the pictures in a “quilt inspiration” file on my computer and I have a similar Pinterest board. Maybe one day I’ll learn what to do with them.

    I have a moon quilt in my head. It’s going to be my summer project. Yours is gorgeous.

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    1. Leah I think you are “thinking quilt” already. Having a image in your mind that you feel would make a wonderful quilt and filing that away to ruminate on it, play around with the possibilities until your ready. I let them percolate for a while because I don’t want to squander it. Keep your file, cause I think you’ll make some of those ,maybe sooner than you think. Have lots of fun with your moon quilti this summer.


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