I’m Barb and I’m a fabric hoarder. 

One of the 3 shelves holding fabric. This one is being organised, a loty of fabric waiting to go home.

Time to for spring cleaning, thin out all the unused junk & clutter from the last year.! It is so hard to get rid of perfectly good things. Things that I like but never used, p say that if you haven’t used  a thing in a year, throw it out. You don’t need it. My answer to the  is “Pasha” .Have they never heard of collectors?

Ouch, it’s painful to part with things that you like, but do take up space. There is one thing, I simply cannot bear to part with, you guessed it, my  fabric. 

It all started innocently enough, my first trip to a quilt shop. I walked around dazed by what I saw. The colors, design and beauty overwhelmed me. I wanted it all, I had no idea how to make a quilt, but acquiring it was enough for now. If you’ve never experienced this, be assured that quilting fabric is quite different than any fabric you have seen in a regular fabric store. I’m not attempting to throw rocks at standard fabric stores they have pretty fabric too, often at a very reasonable price I’m simply telling you why I have formed such an attachment to my fabric..

For example what fabric available in a standard fabric shop is designed by specific designers known for their exquisite designs? Designers with a following? Quilter’s  eagerly awaiting their latest line to debut. This is couture fabric. The patterns are sharper, crisper, the colors richer and the designs are so beautiful that they are more art than fabric. They are  different as night is from day.

 This fabric was art. I bought lots of fabric, I fell in love with everything.  I couldn’t possibly  use it all, but it was so beautiful.

I began to accumulate fabric, so much, that it began to fill  every nook & cranny. I filled plastic rectangular storage boxes. Each one over filled, with lids placed and stacked.

We covered the walls of the sewing room with shelves of  neatly folded stacked fabric, arranged  by color and type; baby fabrics, batiks, floral, solids ec ..it was a thing of beauty, soon the fabric and shelves begin to expand. The shelves overflowed to the hallway beyond. More shelves with

neatly folded and stacked fabric on them. I think I have s  problem , do you suppose there are support groups for people like me? 

“Hello my name is Barbara, and I’m a fabricaholic”.