I Had An Idea

MY BIG IDEA-post #1

I’ve been working on several new projects recently. Here’s one I’ve finished. It has cheerful bright color and thread painting also a smaller size with a smaller price tag.

I’ve had an idea in mind for some time. At one point I tried it out, but didn’t follow through and it fizzled. But it’s still a perfectly good idea.


I’m adding more variety in my available work for those, visiting my website http://www.BARARAHARMSFIBERART.com or my Etsy shop.

We all have different budgets, needs, and priorities. Obviously, not everyone is

 interested in owning an original art quilt,

It’s impractical for them, they have more important priories.

However, some would really love to own an original art quilt but it’s slightly out of their budget.


If this second group found original work that they loved and if it was priced slightly lower, it just might interest them.   

I’m going to include more variety on my website and Etsy shop.adding some  less expensive  work  from time to time. I’m working on several wall hangings in this category as we speak. 

Original art within the means of most people, that’s a good idea, don’t you think? My next post will discuss this further and also introduce another idea that I think you are going to like. Hope you keep an eye open for it. Custom made art quilts that are so beautiful the price will shock you

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