Some Nifty Great Stuff I Use In Making Art Quilts

Here are some things I really like, you might too.




I like my camera

If you look at the photos above, you can see photos taken with some difficult lighting situations,. Here’s how my camera handled them.But not only did it take a picture, but it took some rather rather cool photos because of it

I was probably the last person to buy a digital camera. Nothing could come close to my SLR and conventional film or so I thought. Meet my  Canon Rebel EOS. It’s an investment, especially if you shoot your own pictures for example, your Etsy shop.

I like my camera.

I like my sewing machine.

It a Janome Memory Craft 8900 QCP. What a well made, durable machine. For example that long beautiful neck is not made of plastic it’s metal. Which would you think is more durable, plastic or metal? It’s a work horse, I put a heavy load on it, that’s  but it also has many awesome features.When I first got it, I wrote a few posts with my impressions, all good. Now years later, this machine has not given me one single problem. That is something to shout about, whorah! I still give it a thumbs up 👍.

I like my sewing machine



Studio? What comes to mind? All those yummy, organized studios you see in the quilting magazines? Dream studios, and then there's mine. It's so crowded that you can barely turn around, much less breath.
Feed Me?

I like these threads, each for different reasons and  purposes.

Aurifil-It is an excellent all around thread, good for most sewing & quilting, piecing and quilting. Oodles  of very nice colors. However, the biggest reason, hands down, is how little fuzz it creates. Fuzz? You might ask, yes fuzz. Fuzz is kryptonite for sewing machines. Do a comparison, free motion quilting with several different brands. Check the area under your bobbin case after each. You will be shocked at the difference.

I like Aurifil thread.

Madeira-30 or 40 weight- I got this tip reading Freida Anderson’s website. It is the thread I use the most for my  free motion thread painting. I cannot explain why this thread looks so fantastic, but the way it lays down the color is amazing. I really can see a differance.

I like Madeira thread.

I like Mettler polysheen-Beautiful colors with a nice shine. Another thread I like to use for thread painting.

Robison-Anton-I like the huge range of colors they offer.These colors are the bomb, you will positively drool. I like these for thread painting as well.

YLI silk thread-100 weight. I took this tip from one of the books written by Diane Gaudynski using it for free motion quilting. It is creates the most beautiful quilting especially when paired with wool batting. Additionally I like Diane Gaudynski herself.

I couldn’t possibly compose a list of all the quilters I like, which would be impossible to attempt, there are so many unbelievably talented people. Most of all it would be so presumptuous to even think of doing such a thing, I am like a flea on the back of mouse on the back of a dog, in kindergarten  while they receive their PHDs.

The list of things I like today, more another day.




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