Decorate Smart Not ‘Spensive’

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  • A few ideas to give a tired  room a fresh up. 

It can be done for a lot less than you might think. My friend wanted to give some umpth to her living  room. She wanted to freshen it up without spending a lot. 

From the start, she had a lot going for her, nice furniture in a neutral style & color, a flair for style and a definite idea of what look she wanted to create. 

The last one may seem less important, but don’t under estimate it’s value. To begin a  journey, it’s usually helpful to have a destination in mind. 

The following quote may be directed toward our clothing choices, but the principle applies.

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.”
– Epictetus (Greek philosopher)

Our Greek friend quoted above, makes an excellent point. Know yourself, who you are, your life style, how to look your best and my personal favorite is your body shape a pear or an apple? Dress accordingly. 

Makes sense, few of us would look as fetching in that tiny bikini as the Sport’s Illustrated model wearing it, hopefully we know this.

Does our home look good on us? It will if it reflects who we are. It should be the place where we feel the most comfortable. When we have have company, will our guests see us in our living room? Or someone living in a motel room?

Give it personality, whatever the style, be sure there’s plenty of you in it and that will be the best room you can create.

Ideas to do that? The most obvious areas would be; style, colors and furniture. But In the real world,  most of us may not have as much control over these choices as we’d like. For most, the factor which dictates our choice in these large ticket items is generally our pocket books. We have constraints placed on our use of income. It has to stretch to cover the realities of life, our growing families, care of elderly parents, employment possibilities or unemployment possibilities in our area, health issues, the list is a very long one. 

So we may have our Mom’s older couch, in good condition but not necessarily our favorite color. Our coffee table may not be the perfect match for that couch. Do those things matter all that much? Not compared to the matters of real importance. Regardless of the couch color, it’s home where the people we love usually are, where our life takes place.

But if you have a genuine desire to make the most of what you have, there are options available to us. 

I’ll suggest a few ideas in the next post in this series, yes it just became a series if there’s any interest in it. 

With a few small touches, you can reinvent the look of a room from outdated to  life.

I hope share a few ideas that will inspire you. If you have any tips of your own please feel to share them in your comments. I think this  may be a lot of fun.

Know yourself