Marilyn and the King, “A huh huh huh, thank you very much. Thank you very much”

That’s it, he’s infatuated with another woman.

I took a break from working on my new commissioned art quilt. Instead had a great time this afternoon taking my grandson to the movies. See for yourself. Oh FYI we made the  acquaintance of 2 big stars, Marilyn and the King. Does it make sense to be jeoulous of a statue? You betcha!It’s the principle of the whole thing. In honesty this was just a bit of goofing around.






Outside the theater



IMG_0215 (2)









My husband is such a good sport, I kept urging him to ham it up for the pictures. “Give her her a kiss, come on. Be funny!” I’m playing the fashion photographer,”Come on, work it baby”.

As usual, he’s always obliging. That’s my man. I love his funny self!





Afternoon at the Movies

Here we are at the movies, This is us!