The Finished Quilt, in it’s new home, Australia

Here’s the royal poinciana

“Here’s The Finished Quilt”

Now that this art quilt is completed, I’m going to share a few more photos of it, in it’s final form. Many of the elements in this quilt will look familiar, because I’ve been posting photos all along, showing it’s progress as I’ve worked on it.

The photos are repeats of various elements in the quilt, but with each one there has been subtle changes.I thought some of you might want to see it in it’s final form.

I enjoyed working on this art quilt and I enjoyed working with the woman who commissioned it. I liked her idea the moment I saw pictures of this gorgeous tree, a royal poinciana tree. It looked exotic, with so many different elements.

That was her only request, she wanted a poinciana tree featured in it, then she turned me loose to run with it in whatever direction I was inspired to take. In doing a commission you are given an idea or subject that your client wants.To do my best work, I need to find a way to incorperate my client’s idea while finding a direction to follow that I can personally get behind and make it my own. Feeling a sense of excitement in working on any creative effort is the best fuel.

Some are reluctent to take on commissioned work, but I’ve never had anything but positive experiences in doing them, and a great deal of my work is commissioned. I enjoy getting to know the person who will soon own a piece of my work. That’s a nice experience. I’ve met some really nice people, some of which we’ve kept in touch even years later.

The quilt has reached it’s new home in Australia. My client is happy and that means I’m happy.









Here’s the royal poinciana


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