Confessions of A Thrift Store Addict

I admit it, I love thrift store shopping. I don’t know why this admission is a bit embarrassing. It’s true, I enjoy it. It’s a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find. That’s part of it’s appeal. When you discover something unexpected, that you just love, it feels like you won the prize.

These little vintage playing cards are my latest find.

They are vintage, real miniature playing cards that were played with by real little vintage children. The size is roughly 2 1/2″ by 1 1/2″. The boxes have that vintage faded look that adds appeal. They have wonderful pictures on them. They look like little books, but they hold miniature playing cards, even including the rules. I just love them

Thrift stores can yield a wealth items to work with in doing a decorative spruce up for a room, on a budget.Thrift stores can be a source of all kinds of interesting things that could add personality to your room. You only need a little imagination to see the possibilities.

I know the thought of buying something pre-owned might be a little disturbing to some, ick… germs. I agree with you, germs arn’t an option. But one thing to bear in mind, most things can be washed and disinfected. Not these little cards of course, but I have no intention of playing and handling them, they are to be looked at, collected.

When I saw these little cards I thought what a cute touch they could bring to a room with a quirky style. Group these little cards on a shelf and they would provide an interesting, fun touch. The vintage book below is being used to add a bit of whimsy. I love how it works in this room.

 I wish I could get a closer view for you of how this vintage book looks on the awesome vintage table, that’s been milk painted in tourquoise. I love the contrast between that fun color the old style. It  gives it a modern edge, bohemian maybe. Kitchy. 

 Maybe not your style, but just shows the unique and interesting items that can be found thrift store hunting. Add some of your personality into the mix!

I’ll just have to continue in another post.