Banish Winter Doldrums, Bring Spring Indoors and Advise on Buying Art.

Away with You Dreary Dark Days!





I’ve had a couple things I’ve  been juggling back-and-forth. Of course it goes without saying one of them is an art quilt, the other involves spring spruce ups, I will get to that later.


Aren’t you tired of winter? I am. All    those dark rainy days begin to run together. When I first moved to Oregon, a long time resident said “Just when you reach the point where you can’t take even one more dark day, spring breaks out everywhere”. This is true.

As dark as the Winters in Oregon are, the Springs are glorious!! Colors, flowers and sweet fragrances waft through the air.Fields of tulips, irises, peonies, dahlias. Did I mention. camillas, daffodils?

For me the crowning beauty is when the cherry trees are in full bloom. I can go on for hours, enraptured.

If you’d like to celebrate 🎉 the outbreak of Spring, why not enjoy a leisurely stroll through a local art fair? To celebrate all of Spring’s new colors, why not find a new colorful piece of art? [I would lean in the direction of a fiber art quilt of course!]

Here’s my advice in purchasing art, wandering through an art fair or an online art venue such as Etsy. My advise is essentially the same.

1-Choose what makes your heart sing. Does this grab you and you simply must have it?  If it is within your budget or maybe on the high end it may be worth it to you.

2-One pitfall to avoid when looking at art.whether a street fair or an online art venue, is you can easily sprint from one beautiful piece to the next.” OOO  I like this one!”, another catches your eye and off  you leap like a gazelle towards it. “I like this one too”.on to another and another.There’s so so much to see.The problem with this is you could easily become overwhelmed with the all the choices available.You may make an impulse purchase and find  days later, that you may not love that purchase as much as you thought

3-The real problem with all the leaping about is it makes it hard to retrace your steps, allowing you to compare what you have been looking at.Comparison is the base of most purchasing decisions.

4-No gazelleing. Rather take your time, stand there a while evaluating it.If you are at an artisan fair, which I highly recommend, write down the booth number, this is important so you return if you do.Wander on looking leisurely at other art which captures your attention. Take you time. Remember to write down the booth number and perhaps a description and other pertinent information. Speak with the artists themselves, what is your impression? All these things can be done on an online venue as well.

5-Then retrace your steps and reexamine the previous artwork in comparison to the other ones you had an interest in. Can you narrow your choice down to one in particular? Then…

6-One more suggestion go home and sleep on it. If you’re still thinking about it the next day, if you get it out of your mind I think you found “the one”

One  last thought.Original artwork gives years of enjoyment, you won’t see it everywhere, no rows of framed prints of the same picture. This piece of art is exclusively your own. That makes it special.  I’m not saying this because I create and sell fiber art quilts, It is true..

Original art in the form of fiber art is a relatively new art form with interest growing rapidly, so for the time being, it is still  possible to find reasonable original art.




Away With You Winter!!