We went somewhere, in a toy plane!                      



We recently took a trip to see family.


We set out in a very tiny plane.

Do most people actually fit into this narrow isle?


Planes have gotten a lot smaller these days. We were in no position to complain, we had found a budget flight, we didn’t expect to be seated in first class, still we

Shortly after we arrived my son & husband wanted to take me with them shopping, this in itself was strange…shopping? When the errands were finished & we arrived home, this is what was wanting for me. My grand daughters had planned a surprise tea party for me.

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My wonderful granddaughters planned a surprise tea party for me. They did a beautiful job. My daughter in law helped carry it off of course.

I wish I could show you my Grandaughters all dressed for the party, but that’s not a good idea, this being the internet and all.. This album is a taste of my surprise Tea party. Tea parties are our thing. I threw one for them every year til they got too old for it. Here is what I arrived home to, my beautiful daughter in law at the door to greet us.