Find the unudusl and unique

Think Art, See Art, It Surrounds Us.

Don’t you agree that one of the things which have a great effect on our lives is, what we think, our attitudes & what we believe to be true?

When we are convinced something is true, it colors our perception. If what we happen to believe is  wrong, the conclusions we draw could be wrong.

If we have always worn sunglasses with pink lenses,  the world will look pink. It isn’t, but it looks that way to us. Our vision distorts what we see, and misshapes our perceptions. We may not notice possibilities right in front of us.

A real close view? Maybe.

What does this have to do with art? If we view the familir surroundings with preconceived ideas ,eventually we stop noticing them at all,  We look , but fail to see . We see what we expect, We fly bye without a second glance, “Nothing interesting there” we conclude but we may be be missing a lot. Here’s an experiment to try.

  1. Take a walk around  your neighhood, Try to see the familiar differently from your accustomed view.  Look for new ways to see what’s there.
  2. How does is it effected by light at different times of the day. Notice texture, could that be interesting?
  1.  Look at things from new angles, high, low, close, far.
  2. You will begin to think in “quilt” or think in “photo”, You will see ideas everywhere, new projects waiting to be made,
  3. You  have just opened the door to greater creatively.

A  few of my own feeble examples, seeing possibilities for  art quilts if I just look. An  unusual moon or gold sunset siouletting a row of trees, but it can be that easy.

  1. An unusual moon, I though a amazing opportunity for a quilt, snapped a pic
    This is the art quilt which came from the unusual moon
    This is quilt that came from a unusual sunseth several other
    Look at your world, really look
    This is one of several photographs of the same exciting son said that inspired the art quilt above