Blue and Pink

On a walk the other day, I passed under a group of cherry trees. I looked up. What I saw was a very blue sky that was filled with delicate pink blossoms. It made such a pretty sight, it needed to be photographed

The boy scouts and I have a moto, it is actually the same one, “Always be prepared”. I can’t start a fire, or find my way back to the path if I became lost. But, by golly, when one of those unexpected  photographic opportunities, arise I’m prepared.

This was one of those times, I whipped out my iPhone & commenced taking an  insane amount of  photos.

I love photography, with a digital camera it’s easy to overdo it. Once in a while you’ll  see something that’s so amazing, a once in a lifetime photographic opportunity. If you pass it by, it will haunt you, the photo that could have been. You’ll be kicking yourself  because  you missed it.

This wasn’t one of “those” kind of moments,  but still it was a very pretty picture. So out comes the iPhone and commenced taking an insane number of photogrsphs with an art quilt in mind. I’ll often take 20 or so to use as a jumping off point, an inspiration to begin. I’ll compare all the different photos and take elements that I like from them .

Here  are a few stages in the development of the photos I took that day  that led to  the finished quilt.

It’s quite large and is for sale. If you look in my category of items for sale you’ll see the link to my Etsy shop just in case you’re interested .


silk painting completed


Worked progressed til it was completed.



Here’s the finished quilt. Remember it’s just looking up and all you see Is a beand  oodles and oodles of  pink cherry blossoms. and cherry blossoms and some



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