Summer Brings Many Art Events To Enjoy

This piece is by Dan . He has added glass metal and more. Notice the effect, just look at the waves froth.

In many communities, summer brings an exciting event, “Art In The Park”. You’ll notice it in a variety of cities, some small, others large.

In Las Vegas, my hometown, Art in the Park occupies several blocks. Art lovers pour in from everywhere.

They arrive by the bus load. It’s a “big event”.


Recently my husband, myself

and a friend attended Art In The Park in a city considerably smaller than Las Vegas. We strolled around under the shade of large old trees admiring the artwork.

I prefer a smaller venue, there’s time to leisurely explore. You can linger over any work that catches your attention. There’s time to meet some of the artists, who if asked, are often happy to discuss their work.

There was food, drinks and snacks available, but who could tear themselves away from the art?

Where to go next?
Work by Neil Russell, one of my favs, Any single piece might contain pigment, sand, glass, precious metals & both oil & acrylic paint.











Textured paintings are a fresh approach.

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  1. I’d love to know more about that beautiful piece. It’s stunning.

    Smaller is always better; having the opportunity to take time to talk to the makers, admire the creations, and chat with other visitors is part of the experience.

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