How’s This For An Idea?


When making these art quilts for my Etsy shop, I had an idea,”Why not make several different framed art quilts, each one unique, yet clearly designed to be hung together as a grouping? “.  Sold together as a group, it would make a nice display on the wall and it would easy to choose the art that worked well for a focal grouping ,

These are done in a beachy cottage style.

I distressed the 2 blue frames to make the wood look older, maybe it washed up on the beach. They all contain a different view of daisies. The frames are similar but not exactly alike.

Sold there are similar items on my website also I welcome commissions.


Each art quilt contains a different view of daisies.

They arrive ready to hang right out of the box, the hardware is already attached.

I include hanging and care instructions. I’ll even send some suggestions on hanging configurations if you’d like.


Please note how closely the color and distressed wood match.