A Few Things I’ve Been Working On….Forever…

After all this time getting around to finishing this mixed media silk painting.

Lately I seemed to have developed a short attention span, constantly jumping from one project to another. I’ll be busily working a project, & enjoying it. Then some new idea occurs to me. Now I’m off & running in a whole different direction. Like a bouncing ball

I’m taking myself in hand, focus, focus. Don’t let all these distractions sidetrack me.

Here are several that are winding down, I may have already published a few earlier progress reports, but now here the finished works. A few commissions were wedged in there too, in between.

Here’s a early one, a silk painting. It has waited in line since I bounced off. Due to the nature of the clouds and dark fog, I racked my mind, how to do the thread painting thread without obscuring the lighter airy effects?

The silk painting done, now what? Thread painting? bye golly I have it, very judicious use of thread pain especially not covering the clouds and desk. Knowing that airy with the feeling come through. After all thread just doesn’t lend itself to that situation. I think I’m going to frame it.

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