Continuation of a year of quilting.

                                 A little idea I had





I Had An Idea


I had an idea that I thought was a good one. I made 3 original Daisy themed art quilts, each one different from the others yet they clearly were made to form a cohesive group.




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They are in a beachy cottage style. I painted 2 frames in an exact blue color, then distressed the frames. They look as if they could have been made with driftwood found the beach.

They are each different, yet made similar enough to look like a cohesive grouping. It can easily be hung in various configurations that make an attractive wall display.

They can be hung directly out of the box however you like.


When hung together as a group they make an attractive display on your wall. I think my little idea turned out to be good one!

I had the 3 frames, each one different from the other. Simply spraying them all the same color wouldn’t give the beach cottage look. How boring that would look, flat without texture. A beach theme should look as if a few pieces of driftwood were found on the beach, then made into frames. there would be some subtle differences.

Two of the frames were painted to look a bit battered after I distressed them


The distressed blue frames match but not totally.

daisy themed, framed art quilts in a beach cottage style.

This created a cohesive grouping, easily hung together creating an attractive display for your room.

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The 2 blue frames are similar, I matched the color & distressed them, But to give each a separate personality, I made a few subtle differences

This trio are in a colaying on the beach would have been pushed and pulled against the rocks and sand distressing them differently

I think you get the idea, these subtle the differences have to be taken into tragedy/beachy style.h&ereaccount when you are mixing the color. Simply spraying paint the same color wouldn’t-create the texture.





The difference in the thickness of these two frames  demonstrates that they were not made  to go together as a set. If you look at the larger it is much thicker or deeper than the thin smaller one.