Is Enough, Ever Enough?

“Fog”, finished at last, whew!

If you feel I’ve been neglecting my blog postings this last year, you would be right.
I’ve been working on five art quilts & several commissions for about a year. This is the very last one, I’m just now framing it & will post it in my Etsy shop

  1. Spending that much time works on several pieces of fiber art, it may seem excessive. But, I’ve resigned myself to the fact “that things take as long as they take.”

2- However I do honestly have time management issues. I always see something that could be done further.

It seems like a simple concept- recognize when it’s time to stop.

Just one more thing.

The problem with this line of thinking is, no matter what we do in any endeavor, there’s always room for improvement. Where do you draw the line? I’m not good at drawing lines.

And that, my friends, is why a few art quilts can take so long.

I’ve completed several of the art quilts, a few have already sold. And the commissioned works have been completed & delivered. The others are close to completion. (But you know, if I reworked a few tiny changes, It would be better.

The art quilt at the top of this post is finished. Imagine that, it’s not almost finished, or nearly finished. It is Finished Finished!!! (That’s if I can reign myself in and say enough is enough).

Here is the last quilt,



it is completed. I’m going to frame this one and will post it on my Etsy shop.


Blue and wonky gold. Blue and gold look good together. My idea was to place a large amount of misshaped strips randomly through out.

It is available on my Etsy shop




A large geometric with curved off kilter strips. Available for sale on my Etsy shop,



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