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Barbara Harms Fiber Art

Barbara Harms-Up Close and Personal

I'm an artist, art has been a life long love.Coming from a family of artists, so Iit came as no surprise that I showed an aptitude for ar
By my teens I was decided, L was going to become a serious artist. I had aspirations!
I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild, I was their youngest member at the time. I loved it, I was immersed in art and quietly observing it all. I was the youngest person in the room, a teen among a room filled adults who were “serious artists”, totally out of my league. I hoped no one noticed this young kid sitting at their meetings with a big grin spread across my face. That experience fueled my desire to
continue to paint for most of my life.
That was the "glorious" beginning of my artistic "career".
Years later I was introduced to quilting, I loved it.
But in time I missed painting. There are certain nessacsry steps that must be followed to create a beautiful quilt.
Painting and many forms of art don’t require the same precision and adherence to certain essentials to create a quilt.
I guess you could say I’m not a particularly precise sort of person. I like the freedom to follow my instincts, for better or worse. Yet there so many aspects of quilting that I love, I was torn.
Then I became aware of a new & exciting art form that merged the two. It was a natural transtion, I became a fiber art quilter.

My Process & Approach
I use many traditional quilting techniques in a less traditional application, I'm a mixed media quilt artist, using a variety of art mediums. I often use silk or fabric painting as a starting point and build layers of design on that.
My style is fairly loose and instinctual.
For me, it's the process of creating that holds the strongest attraction. I love starting with a tiny seed of an idea; that’s vague and blurred around the edges. Then I follow where it leads me.
I tend to do little planning,,generally following the flow as the art quilt progresses.
This approach can lead to many changes in direction. The outcome can come as a surprise.
I love that element of surprise.
Sometimes everything just comes together and I feel that is one of my better ones. I can’t wait to show someone.
I'm feeling like a six year old running home from school, a drawing in hand. He can't wait to show Mom. I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Time To Quilt

It’s winter. You may stay indoors more. What does this mean to a quilter? More time for quilting, yeah! One of the art quilts I’ve been working on lately is this one with purple & blue irises.  I’ve made a lot of progress so far, so this a progress report.

You’re Never Without a Camera

 On my walk one day last month, I saw a wonderful sight,  looking up, delicate pink blossoms with sky blue behind them. Yes it’s cherry blossom time. This could be a future art quilt. Thanks to my Smart phone I took a few pictures, OK I took a lot of pictures, I don’t have over 4000 pictures stored in my phone for nuttin.