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Barbara Harms Fiber Art & More

Barbara Harms-Up Close and Personal

I'm a fiber quilt artist, working in mixed media . Art runs in my family. I must have inherited the art gene.
By my teens I had narrowed my focus to painting.
I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild, their youngest member at the time. I was totally out of my league, a teen, in a room of adults. Mute, taking it all in.
I hoped I went unnoticed, a fly on the wall, unlikely. A
silent teenager in their midst, I’m pretty sure they noticed. But being emerged in art, exposed to serious artists, was a great experience. I’ve painted for most of my life.
So, there you have it, the "glorious" beginnings of my artistic "career"!
I've continued to paint for most of my life.
I was introduced to quilting after moving to Oregon and instantly fell in love it. It was new and exciting, I jumped in with both feet. As enjoyable as I found quilting, I began to miss painting. Then, I discovered fiber art quilting, I was finally home.

My Process & Approach

For me, it's the process of creating that holds the strongest attraction. I love starting with a tiny seed of an idea; vague and blurred around the edges, then I follow where it leads.
My style is fairly loose and instinctual. The choices and decisions that come up as I work on a piece, are made based on my gut feelings.
This can result in quite a few changes in direction.
This approach can lead to many changes in the direction. it takes The outcome can come as a surprise.
I love that element of surprise.
Sometimes everything just comes together & I think that this is one of my better ones. I can’t wait to show someone. I feel like a six year old, running home from school, a drawing in hand. He can't wait to show Mom. At those times I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat.