Be honest, don’t many quilters say that they don’t enjoy binding their quilts? In my experience, many don’t.

If binding makes you crazy, I found something that I think you’re going to like.

One possible reason for the negative reactions

One reason why some dislike binding a quilt could be the obvious, because it can be difficult to do, even confusing. Instructions designed to help, are often more confusing than helpful.

Well, take heart fellow quilters. I stumbled on a video on U Tube. It was a tutorial about how to use a particular binding tool.

I’m sure many quilters have seen it, but are unaware of how useful and easy to use this one is.

The video I saw was made by the Minnesota Quilting Company. With so many binding tools to chose from, how do you decide?

This video gave a live demonstration of how easy this is to use & what a beautiful job it does. The two ends are joined with a perfect miter.

Seeing is believing.

I hope you watch the video demonstration and decide for yourself . You might just begin to like quilt binding. It’s called The Binding Tool. made by the Tom company. It’s available everywhere, I liked the Missouri Quilt Company best, they have lots of great instructional  tutorials videos and other products..

I’m celebrating, and singing the praises of The Binding Tool. One word of

The link has stopped working apparently. You can always do it the old fashioned way; google the Minnesota Quilting Company. Then look for their tutorial section. It’s worth the extra steps to get there. Or cut and past the UTube link above

Marion Barnett sent me one of her books, a great resource for fiber artists.

ZI’ve just recently received a book from the talented UK fiber artist Marion Marnett. It is about a product called  Lutradur .

It seems  relatively unknown here in the states, certainly seems to be used infrequently. In any case, I’ve not  heard about it, until reading  Marion’s Face Book page .]. She is enthusiastic and that enthusiasm is catchy.  Marion uses it extensively in much of her beautiful  work. The fact that she’s written a whole book about it, leads me to believe this is a great product. She has stirred my curiosity. I thought it might interest you as well.

Marion’s book’s is entitled ” Lovely Lutradur” by Marion Barnett & Dijanne Cevaal. In her book she explains what it is, its properties &  it’s application. She has included projects and a gallery, which give examples of what this product can add to your work.

If  you are already familiar with Lutradur  [hence providing me an example of the value of  thorough research, driving home this lesson,” to avoid embarrassment, check the facts thoroughly” ].  share your experience with us please.

I’m dying to try it in myself. I’ll update you on my results. In the meantime, check  out the interview I did with Marion back in November

From photo to art
From photo to art One of Marion’s pieces.