Do you ever wonder where artists find inspiration?

With fiber art quilts, as with any other art form, many wonder “Where does the artist get his inspiration?” What I find photographs can serve as a helpful tool in that regard. When I take one that I think would make a good fiber art wall hanging, I store it away in my inspiration box so to speak. I like to savor it, imaging what kind of an art quilt could be created from it.

Do you ever wonder where artists find inspiration?

Orange and Blue, Hot Air Rising



I’ve been pretty busy last few months working on a commissioned piece. I really enjoyed working on it and I’m happy with how it turned out.

I took a moment to catch my breath and now I’ve started a new art quilt. It’s an abstract this time.

I love the colors orange and dark blue when they are used together. They set each other off and look awesome. When I painted the silk I wanted to feature those two colors in deep rich concentrations. I also added some elements of metallic gold and copper in there.

Here are a few shots of this new quilt in progress. It’s an abstract. I’ve finished the the applique and begun the thread painting. I want a very linear look.