Spring’s a Coming 



Sunshine, Warmth and Water = An Ecstasy of Color and Fragrance

Just bought pots of early spring flowers, the first to hit the stores this Oregon spring. Every winter at the  exact moment when you know you can’t take one more dark dreary day, then spring arrives at that exact moment we need it. The dark dreary days are immediately  forgotten and forgiven because  IT IS SPRING IN OREGON!! And Oregon is a mighty great place to be in the spring!!

With the prospect of all the lovely flowers to come, another thing comes to mind. Art quilts with wonderful flowers and the sights of spring, summer and even into fall.

Spring’s a Coming 

It looks like a site, but does it work like a site?

My repair and redo labors continues on my WordPress blog. It is taking considerably longer to fix than “just the few days” I had blithely promised on the day that my blog imploded.

HA! I can’t imagine what possessed me to make such an impulsive statement, which given my computer skills was not even remotely possible. Not even with help from the blog fixer fairy, no way. It looks like a site, but does it work like a site?