Messy Kitchen produces something pretty good and I don’t mean food!

If you recall a few posts back I had a huge mess in my kitchen hand painting some silk fabric. Here in Oregon it rains a lot so I have limited choices for a paint studio. My little make shift studio tent out side is no longer workable because the downpours have commenced. So to my husband’s dismay the kitchen is myContinue reading “Messy Kitchen produces something pretty good and I don’t mean food!”

Way To Go Betty Busby!

A few updates on the amazing Betty Busby! Opposites Attract” has been selected to be a part of the 2011 Quilt National Show. “Push”, in Quilt Visions in Oceanside, Ca, has been sold from the show to a private collector. “Sandia Mountain Spring” was an award winner at IQA’s “Wonders of the World” special exhibitionContinue reading “Way To Go Betty Busby!”

Adventures in silk painting or how to make a BIG mess in your kitchen!

I’ve been having so much fun with silk painting lately, as I’ve repeatedly mentioned. There are some very cool  techniques and I’m an  artist from way back, so this is  like it in many ways. I’m finding lots of applications, fabric for art quilts, silk paintings, hand painted scarfs and so on. One little problem though, I liveContinue reading “Adventures in silk painting or how to make a BIG mess in your kitchen!”

I’m now offering handpainted silk scarfs

I’ve been having so much fun with silk painting that I thought it would be good idea to make some original hand painted silk art scarves available for sale. Wearable art! I thought it would make it possible for more people to afford  purchasing their own original art pieces. They are certainly affordable, and all one of aContinue reading “I’m now offering handpainted silk scarfs”


TRACY MCCABE STEWART There is no end to the list of talented fiber and quilt artists. It is unlikely I’ll ever run out of artists that I’d like to interview.So,  I’ve chosen one of my personal favorites; Tracy McCabe Stewart. Her work is impressive. She stands out in a field with so many outstanding artists, that’s notContinue reading “TRACY McCABE STEWART”

My post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival”

This is a post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival” I choose this quilt to blog about because it is meaningful for me in many deeply personal ways. I hesitate to bring this up in a public forum, but many women are going to relate to this, sadly. As a child I had vivid imaginationContinue reading “My post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival””

Master quilter Diane Gaudynski-“How does she do that?”

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I want to interview the quilters who I have the highest respect and admiration for. I am thrilled and elated to offer this interview with Diane Gaudynski. When looking at her work you can’t help asking yourself ; ” How is this quality of quilting perfection possible on a machine  quilted work?”. The nameContinue reading “Master quilter Diane Gaudynski-“How does she do that?””

Interesting comment I ran across; ” keep in mind that art quilts are still a bargain in the art world — great for the new collector! “.

Art quilting is a reliability  new art form that was initially perceived as a craft rather than ligitiment I came across this post by Clairan Ferrono  that I found to be  very insightful, “Recently many art quilters have been successfully submitting their work to art shows rather than fiber or quilt shows. Over the nearly ten years thatContinue reading “Interesting comment I ran across; ” keep in mind that art quilts are still a bargain in the art world — great for the new collector! “.”

the countdown continues and my frantic levels are high

     Working like a mad woman and in general losing my sanity. I leave for Vegas for Art in the Park tomorrow morning [yikes! e gad! ]. This is  a big event that draws 100,000 visitors to Vegas from all over. They come in by the busload.    Needless to say, I want to have aContinue reading “the countdown continues and my frantic levels are high”

Some progress on thread painting the floral quilt

Worked some more on the quilt in progress, thread painting the flowers. Not done, but it’s coming along. Here’s the progress since last post.               That’s it for now. It;s always so strange to me when I make something and then look at it and say to myself; “Self I like this”Continue reading “Some progress on thread painting the floral quilt”

A few thoughts from Chrissy O’Donnell Leasher -about art quilting

I have had some discussion via email with Chrissy O’Donnell Leasher about the peculiar position art quilting and fiber art is placed in within the art world. In many ways it is a new &  developing art form. From the beginnings of this movement, the art community has viewed it as more of a craft than an actual art form. Slowly that view hasContinue reading “A few thoughts from Chrissy O’Donnell Leasher -about art quilting”

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