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A Look Back Over My Shoulder, A glance At The Past

It felt good to have finished my Iris quilt.

It’s hanging in it’s new spot in it’s new home.

I did this commission for a friend, who commissioned it as a gift for one of her friends. It’s such a good feeling when you’re happy with the result of a work you started.

I think many artists are perfectionists, they often find it difficult to stop tweeking with their work. They’re looking for perfection & there’s always “something” think of adding which you feel would be a slight bInmo

find which you might would be a slight improvement, if you look long enough. Learning when to say “enough is enough” is hard to do






My Art Quilts Need a New Home. Do you realize

I’m going to put my big girl panties on!

  • My art quilts need a new home.
    • One day after I logged on, I found my blog theme had imploded, words filled every square inch.Words, titles, snippets from posts, letters covered my entire
    • home page.
  • A voice was screaming in my brain when I realized what this meant,”Arrrgh, I’ll have to set up a new theme all by myself”,“OHO.NOO What am I going to do?” A deep groan of despair escaped my lips “Who would I find to help me?”
  • The thought struck fear in my heart! I am tech challenged to put to put it  mildly,. 

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