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Free Your Inner Hippie! How About Bohemian Style Room Decor?

Bohemian-a definitional


*”Warhol and the artists and Bohemians he worked with in the 1960s”

I Googled the phrase bohemian to gain some insight into where the influences for the BoHo Eclectic design style originated. Here’s what I found.


“Bohemian design draws inspiration from the carefree, bohemian mystique of a world traveler, a gypsy. This is a casual style, a bit unconventional, it reflects the characteristics of a roving band of gypsies, collecting things of interest from the many places they traveled. They created an eclectic mix, blending old and new. Vibrant colors, vintage decor. Layers of patterns and colors. textiles; fringed throws, multiple pillows.

If I were to describe Bohemian, Gypsy or Eclectic design style, the first thing I’d say is forget the rules. With BoHo there don’t seem to be many. This decorating style is unconventional. It emphases personal expression and individuality.

It is associated with art, textiles, world. Think of what you know about gypsies; they were travelers, living on the edge of conventional society. Collectors of interesting “finds”, gathered from their world travels.

Often associated with art, culture, authors.


it express
ing your individual personal, Bo Ho decorating is

Other traits which identify Bohemiun Eclectic decoration style.+

Think Gypsy. Think Art. Think unconventional style. More traits identified Bohemian style

Accumulate mountains of bright mismatched throw pillows, pile them up and enjoy all that color and variety. Make no attempt to match them! do
Art plays a huge role in this eclectic style. Curate your own gallery wall, from floor to ceiling. Buy art that you like, not what you’re supposed to.
to to demonstrate your “good taste|
 Collect any that you like, don’t worry if the styles are compatible. You’re the curator of you own gallery, collect what you like, be quirky. Express your own creativity.
Use old vintage furniture, paint it in any color you like. I think you get the idea, let that hippie out.
Go ahead. Give yourself permission to be as unconventional you like.
lf be a little uninhabited,
xtiles play a large role, use mountains of wild bright colors, there is no need to match color or patterns
It’s focus is on individualism, creative choice, individualism,unconventional, art oriented
I googled it, here’s the first definition of bohemian, as applied to the individuals who inspired & defined many of the characteristics in this unconventional decor and dress style.
bohemian–  “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

“Warhol and the artists and bohemians he worked with in the [s”

nonconformist, unconventional person, beatnikhippy, avant-gardist, free spiritdropout, artistic person;

I Had A Little Idea


When making these art quilts, I had an idea,”Why not make several different framed art quilts, each one unique, yet designed to be hung together as a grouping?”. Sold together as a group, it would make an attractive display on the wall. 

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