Entertain in style

Why would a blog with it’s focus on art, specifically fiber art quilting,, include catagories such as entertaining, interior dsign, gardening,and photography?
This is because there can be an element of art in many areas of life,. When we can see the beauty in life and make free use of our creativity, these areas can be transformed into art.

Cakes update for themed parties, more entertaining, part two

I’m a self taught amatuer and it takes me literally a whole day to do one, not including the baking. At the end of the day’s work. my entire self, kitchen, floor and sink are covered with colored icing & powdered sugar. There’s so many discolored bowls, dishcloth’s and fingers tinted by the cake decorating colors that it looks like an unsupervised 2 year old was let loose, having the best unsupervised time of his life.