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Abstract and geometric art quilts

Summer Brings Many Art Events To Enjoy

This piece is by Dan . He has added glass metal and more. Notice the effect, just look at the waves froth.

In many communities, summer brings an exciting event, “Art In The Park”. You’ll notice it in a variety of cities, some small, others large.

In Las Vegas, my hometown, Art in the Park occupies several blocks. Art lovers pour in from everywhere.

They arrive by the bus load. It’s a “big event”.


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Hot Air Rising

This is one of the art quilt I started a little while back “Hot Air Rising”. I thought I’d post the result. This silk painted fiber art quilt is a combination of oranges and dark blue. I threw in a touch of copper and gold metalic. Lately I’ve been just mad for orange and dark blue. They look fantastic side by side.  

                                                              Here’s the finished art quilt.



Detailed view-Hot Air Rising



















Orange and Blue, Hot Air Rising



I’ve been pretty busy last few months working on a commissioned piece. I really enjoyed working on it and I’m happy with how it turned out.

I took a moment to catch my breath and now I’ve started a new art quilt. It’s an abstract this time.

I love the colors orange and dark blue when they are used together. They set each other off and look awesome. When I painted the silk I wanted to feature those two colors in deep rich concentrations. I also added some elements of metallic gold and copper in there.

Here are a few shots of this new quilt in progress. It’s an abstract. I’ve finished the the applique and begun the thread painting. I want a very linear look.