Here’s a selection of some of my landscape quilts.


Landscapes by Barbara Harms

Landscape Art Quilt by Barbara Harms

“60 MPH Sunset”

Published in Art Quilting Studio magazine. An original silk painting

purchased by the state of Oregon for it’s new state hospital

A silk painting by Barbara Harms,”Field Flowers”

Australian Tree (2)

“Flame” A commissioned art quilt by Barbara Harms 

This commissioned work, pictures an unusual tree found in Australia. Long curving twisted branches covered with foliage resembling ferns, They are punctuated by brightly orange/red flowers.When in full bloom, it does indeed look like a brightly burning flame.


Enter custom name he31612 Wister_0001_edited-1

Provence Light-Barbara Harms

A silk painting  enhanced with detailed thread painting. This quilted wall hanging captures the special light of  a late fall afternoon. The landscape  takes on a warm glow, seeming to be lite from within. 


“Reflections” by Barbara Harms

A silk painting fiber art quilt. It highlights the moon’s reflection onto a gently lapping lake.



“Lunar Eclipse”- Barbara Harms

A landscape silk painted art quilt pictures the beginnings of  lunar eclipse. The moon’s ligh must compete with the brightly colored nightlife of a bustling city, sitting at the base of a river. Soon it will become a dark spot in the night sky. This city reminds me of Portland Oregon.


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