An Overview Of Selected Work

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Here’s a sampling of my art quilts, to give you an idea of the scope of my work. I use a variety of techniques, fabric painting, mixed media, applique, thread painting and creative free form quilting.


“It’s Raining Pink”

Standing at the base of an old gnarled cherry tree, your eyes follow the twisted and scarred trunk to a cloud of pink above. As you watch, a pink petal slowly drifts to the pink ground below. Is it raining pink?”

It's Raining Pink

“It’s Raining Pink” Barbara Harms

“Its Raining Pink” Detail of work

“Its Raining Pink” Detail of work


“Cherry Blossom Birds” silk painted, using creative thread painting. The birds are created solely with tread painting.


Little birds among the Cherry Blossoms

Blue Sky, Dogwoods

Pink dogwood blossoms are highlighted by a blue sky in “Blue Sky Pink Blossoms”


“Moon Glow”

“Jellyfish Love” A large commissioned art quilt.


A detailed view
A detailed view of an art quilt by Barbara Harms-

“Sunshine Meadow” a silk painting by Barbara Harms


The Kraken
The Kraken-commissioned


Moon SongSilk painted art quilts, beaiutiful yellow and black birds with moon behing. Moon Song

A large silk painting. The birds were appliqued ont The painting results determine the direction I take. he paints used are permanent, much like dye. Entire art quilt was thread painted. The moon has a trapunto effect. This original silk painted art quilt was created by Barbara Harms.

BarbaraHarms 1131 SW Ellis St. Dallas OR.(&338 Morning Dew (2) - Copy

   “An Impressionist’s Garden” Silk painted and appliqued with hand painted silk fabric. I used thread painting to add a touch of whimsy and fun to the design.

“Lunar Eclipse”

silk painting enhanced with metallic paint & thread. The glow of a lunar eclipse competes with the bright city lights of this thriving metropolitan city, a river which runs at it’s base, reflects the colors of city night life

Lunar Eclipse

Sunflowers For Cyndy- commissioned

“Sunflowers for Cyndy” commissioned fiber art quilt by Barbara  Harms.

IMG_3109Notice the direction of the sun mades the left side lighter


Raven Tree

    “Raven Tree”

Silk painted, images created by thread painting and applique.

“English Cottage Garden.”

A Walk in the English Countryside

“A Walk in the English Country Side”
A Bugs Eye View
Commissioned “A Bug’s Eye View”.
Mixed media fiber art quilt “Down The Rabbit Hole”by Barbara Harms. Silk painting and creative  thread painting used.
After the Rain Shower
“After the Spring Shower” Silk painting, applique and extensive thread painting used.
“60 MPH Sunset” appeared in Art Quilting Studio Magazine

The open of State hospital 025 copy

Four of my quilts hanging in the Oregon State Hospital
The open of State hospital 025 copy

One of my 4 art quilts purchased by the State of Oregon and hanging in the new Oregon State Hospital.Titled “60 MPH Sunset”.”Art Quilting Studio” magazine published an article about this art quilt and myself in one of their issues



               “Metro”- The flow, monument and excitement of a city in constant  motion



“Everything Under the Sun”


IMG_0211“Sunflower Seeds” a detail from the larger art quilt”

Barbara Harms Poppy art quilt 003 copyimg_5912

“Boxing Poppies”

I also do silk paintings. If you choose one of my silk paintings, I will mount it on stretcher boards or you  for small charge for the upgrade.

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    • Thanks Luccin, So glad you enjoy my blog. Actaully the men, events and other people which I post about are all real
      The situations, I write about actually occurred., I do condense them [I know,not nearly enough] and add my semi humorous commentary [or so I think] but for the most part they are100% real. OR 98% might be closer.
      I try to look for the humor in any situation, no matter how irritating it might be, but it helps me to keep a positive outlook. I sometime give the jest of a conversation, but a=stay
      attitude and posts that I hope people enjoy reading
      Oh look for the pic of my too funny husband in the post about our minion anniversary, that’s him.

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