Landscape Gallery

Here’s a selection of some of my landscape quilts.

Landscapes by Barbara Harms

Landscape Art Quilt by Barbara Harms “60 MPH Sunset”.


A silk painting by Barbara Harms,”Field Flowers”

Australian Tree (2)“Flame” a commissioned art quilt by Barbara Harms  

Color Melts a silk painted fiber art quilt.

“Color Melts” by Barbara Harms

Color Melts Barbara Harms Fiber Art
Barbara Harms Silk Painting

This silk painting was mounted on stretcher boards.

The gallery mounting upgrade is an option available for most of my art quilts. It makes an attractive addition. 


Barbara Harms, a detail view of the art quilt “Province Light’


Australian Tree (2)

A comissioned art quilt by Barbara Harms, “Flame”

 all imported photos 009

“Moon Glow” by Barbara Harms


“Reflection” by Barbara Harms





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