The pots? Old stuff to
add age and personality.

ou may have noticed that lately I have been become interested in home decoration, oh vintage tubs and bohemian eclectic BoHo, Chevy series Gipsey and others.

I’ve been collecting older vintage items for decoration and homes that add a vintage repurpose book. I think it adds character to have an older piece of decoration.

I’m fascinated with bohemian gypsy style furniture. If I was to put a description on it I’d say basic elements include wild bold colors in every possible shade. There are a lot of fabric textiles carpets wall hangings that are associated with BoHo and of course if you’re referring to the gypsy sort of styling you have patterns which don’t match. Colors that are wild and don’t particularly match carpets lots of art, All their furniture often painted in quite interesting paint techniques and when I think of most of all is mountains of pillows. So all those things appeal to me greatly I’m testing my hand at it and so far happy with the results. Now a wild fuchsia and turquoise cabinet might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is often the case in BoHo styling remember it’s about right out rages color. And LOI in tune with that. Order items fill in a lot of the decorations and then finally Maroc in tribal sorts of patterns are also included. No actually this is not for everyone but if you want to bring out your inner hippie this is for you.

Chevy C is also a style that uses a Painted furniture a great deal, a little more subtle not bright subdued yet with the old perhaps farmhouse look. Again a furniture style that has great appeal. So my shop will be featuring a great deal of painted furniture and all your items to give the vintage look.. All sorts of decorations from wall hangings to pillows and other things to add decoration. So that’s pretty much where I’m going with this job and I named it “Old cans and chairs”, my thinking behind the tile was older things or junk like 10 or other items and painted would like chairs that could be painted. My other shop Barbara Harms Fiber Art will continue to offer my fiber at work and sell paintings for sale as well

I am in the midst of adding stock to the second job so give me a better time and I’ll have a lot more items in it. I hope you come by and check it out.

which equally a certain style. I am loving bohemian eclectic BoHo gypsy sorts of styles, which are basically all in same category; painted furniture.

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